Investor Buyer Incentive Program

RentWerx is now offering an incentive program for investors looking to purchase and hold residential homes.

If you purchase an investment property with SaleWerx, and use RentWerx to manage it, we will credit you the first year’s management fee upfront.

The program was designed for the investor minded homebuyer looking to purchase a single-family home, duplex, triplex, or quadplex in the San Antonio or Austin, TX regions with the intent of holding the property long-term using professional property management under RentWerx.

RentWerx Credits Buyer First 12 Months of Property Management Fees

RentWerx charges a percentage of the gross monthly rent for property management fees, or a flat fee for Multiple Property Owners (MPO). To determine the amount of projected monthly rental income, a comparative market analysis will be reviewed by all parties. The forecasted rental amount will be reviewed with the Buyer’s Representative and approved by RentWerx. The total amount of the approved incentive will be credited to the buyer at close of escrow for the applied property.

Forecasted Monthly Rent = $1,500 Per Month. Management Fees at 10% of Rent = $150 Per Month.

Total Incentive Credited at Closing: $150 x 12 Months = $1,800

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